Kamichiba Sunahara Park

Kamichiba Sunahara Park is located at 1-27-1 Nishikameari, Katsushika-Ku, Tokyo 124-0002. The park is open 24/7, but events are not available after posted times.

This park is made for children and has a lot of options for them. Parents visit the park with their children daily.


Japan has a large variety of flowers that bloom all year long. The best place to see several types is at a Park. Each park is clean and well kept. The Japanese take pride in keeping all of Japan clean. 

Kamichiba Sunahara Park has many different flowers, and spring is the best season to visit the park for bright, colorful blooms. Spring is when the cherry blossoms bloom along with several other flowers. Playgrounds are full of people enjoying themselves, and flowers add to the ambiance.


Kamichiba Sunahara Park has a playground with a large tube which the children love. There are also several swings, a Mobius strip, slides, and a sandbox. Children come to play each day of the week, even in winter.

When I visited the park, children were everywhere and having fun. Each child was with a parent. The parent was not sitting down, or on their phone, they were looking after their children or playing with them.


There are several areas of the park where families gather and enjoy some quiet time together. In these areas, you’ll find tents set up or blankets on the ground, depending on time constraints. The family will use a tent for all-day enjoyment or a blanket for a picnic.

A few families will enjoy this during the year. However, when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom in the spring, the whole area will have blankets and families covering the ground. Japanese spend time with their family at this time of the year.


Pony riding is popular with young children. There is always a line for the pony rides at the park. Other animals children can interact with are Guinea Pigs, Goats, and Rabbits. 

Animals the children can view are Squirrel Monkeys, small and large birds, mini pigs, and various other animals the park might have on display. The smiles from the children are worth the trip to the park.

The park even has a service to take the animals to people who cannot visit the park. The service is Business Trip Zoo. This service is fantastic because people love interacting with animals.


The D51502 was replaced along with most coal-driven locomotives in the 1970s. This train is now a popular attraction at the park with children and adults. The train sits on a small section of tracks, and a metal protective cover above the train keeps the rain from rusting this incredible machine.

Inside the engine, a visitor can view the coal car that held the coal to fuel the fire in the boiler. The rest of the locomotive has several gages that tell the driver how much steam and oil the engine is holding. 

At the bottom is where coal is added to fuel the fire. It’s a small opening compared with other locomotives I’ve seen, so the person shoveling the coal needs to be accurate.

Bike Trail

The bike trail is for children and connects several parks in the area together. The bike trail is for teaching children safety, and several volunteers are along the route to help guide them. 

Children learn traffic rules, and this helps them because several ride their bikes alone in public places. In Japan, children and adults need to follow the rules and laws for their safety and the safety of others.

Personal bicycles cannot be used in the park. Bikes are for rent at the park for a small fee. Foot-operated go-karts, tricycles, and bean cars (free of charge) are also available. 

Park website is here.

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