Yoyogi Park in Autumn – Shibuya Tokyo

The beauty of Yoyogi park

Yoyogi Koen (Park) is a popular park located in Shibuya, Tokyo. The park is one of the largest and most visited parks in Tokyo. There are several large open spaces, a lake, and forested areas. It’s a popular place to read a book or draw and paint with several benches around the lake to sit and relax. The biking and running trails are plentiful and complete a well-rounded park experience that anyone can enjoy. 

Yoyogi park is a large park in Shibuya, Tokyo

Park Visit

I visited the park for the first time yesterday and wondered why it took me so long to see this park. Everyone I know has been there and encouraged me to go there, but I never seem to have the time. When I finally went, I was glad I did. 

It took me about an hour to travel by train to the Yoyogi park, and thankfully there were no transfers. A short walk from the Yoyogi Koen station, and I was standing at the front gate. Several people were enjoying their day at the park, and in Japanese tradition, many had a blanket laid out under the trees with Autumn colors having lunch with family and friends.

School children learning about Yoyogi park

I followed the winding roads until it opened into a large open area. School children with their teachers were gathering to enjoy the tree colors and the crisp air. I could hear the teachers as they gave a history lesson about the park and ask the children what their favorite part of the park was. Some said the trees, and others said the birds.

People enjoying themselves under the trees and in the sun

The Lake

I continued walking and discovered the lake, and to my surprise, there were large geyser fountains in the lake. I took a seat on one of the many benches and watched the people sit, walk, ride bikes, and take naps.

The lake itself is a busy place with the geyser fountains shooting up to the sky, giant crows eating and bathing (glad I was wearing a hat), and fish looking for food in what the crows stirred up.

Watch how peaceful Yoyogi parks lake is

Autumn Colors

Many of the trees in Yoyogi park have deep red autumn colors. A forest brick red is an impressive sight. I found a large oak tree with bright yellow colors, but this was an exception. The few cherry trees I found were bare and white, which made them a sight to behold. It was almost eerie.

Many people were taking pictures of the Autumn colors. In particular, one person was taking photos of a newborn baby with mom next to an enormous rosebush. The images will be hanging in their family’s homes in the coming weeks. Rightly so since the bush was full of vivid red flowers.

Taking some amazing shots

Leaves a Plenty

A few people were already starting leaf removal. You might think these are government or park workers, but they are everyday people who show up with their supplies to keep Japan clean.

No one asks them to help. The volunteers just feel like doing the job.

Cleaning up the park, one bucket at a time


After checking out the cherry trees and rose bushes, I walked along a forest trail until I came into an area with several shut off fountains. Signs around the fountains that let people know about social distancing. I can assume that people gathered by the fountain pools and relaxed.

Cherry trees with people enjoying a run

Next to the fountains were several flower gardens with different color groupings. I was a little shocked to see flowers blooming this late in the year, but the weather was only chilly, and a freeze has not come to Tokyo yet. 

I wandered around the flowers for a while and took a few pictures while people took pictures of me taking pictures. I chuckled a bit and decided to end my visit to Yoyogi Park. I’ll visit again when snow arrives or in the spring to see the cherry trees bloom.

First Visit

My first visit to Yoyogi Park was a success. I enjoyed my time among the trees, lake, and flowers. Recommending this park to anyone visiting or living in Tokyo is easy because of its beauty. Sit on a bench near the lake and let time pass by. Your problems will melt away while hours pass like ripples in water.

Yoyogi Park has many open spaces

Sip some hot tea at the park. 

Crows have no fear of humans in Japan

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  1. It’s nice to see Yoyogi Koen pictures. I have never been there. I was planning to go there when I was in Japan, but I was too busy. In the future i want to see the cherry blossoms there.


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