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After my quarantine ended, it was time to celebrate with a trip to a Philippines private resort. It was a new experience for me because even though this was not my first trip to the Philippines, it was my first time at a Philippines “private resort.”

It would be an interesting two days to find out what Filipinos did for fun.

Quarantine End

After two weeks of quarantine and a document proving I don’t have Covid, which is only good for about two days, I was ready for some fun. My third trip to the Philippines would be different since I would be with my wife this time. It’s more of a working holiday instead of complete pleasure. We need to focus on preparing to return to Japan but also needed some downtime. 

Working Vacation

My wife has been working in Japan for over three years with no vacations and only a few days off. I can remember her taking a handful of days off to take care of visa issues. Companies in Japan don’t like giving days off for that, especially when you are a front-line medical person. I did surprise her one weekend with a Mount Fuji day trip, but that was one weekend of many. Read about Mount Fuji here.

Drive to Private Resort

The drive to the private resort was the most extended trip we have taken without taking mass transit for a long time. After about 15 minutes, I realized that I didn’t miss riding in a vehicle. My wife’s extended family packed the van with supplies and 16 people. The air-conditioning was only in the front, and I was in the very back with temperatures above 90 degrees outside.

When I left Japan, it was the middle of winter, so my body had not adjusted to extreme heat. I would say I was miserable, but one added and forgotten piece of information returned to my thoughts as a massive bump in the middle of the road sent me flying five inches from my seat only to crash down on my backbone.

Along with the heat, there was going to be a pain in my back the whole trip. To reach our destination, we needed to pass-through Manila, and the best way to do that was using the Skyway. The Skyway is just an elevated interstate that makes a loop around the capital city. It would take all day to pass through Manila without it. I’m unsure why, but every few miles, there is a bump that sends your bottom into the air, only to have it crash into your seat. 

No one else seemed to mind, and I wondered about that until I remembered that most American guys don’t have a butt, but in the Philippines, everyone is born with ample rear padding. I should have done extra squats throughout my life. 


An hour into the trip and almost everyone was asleep except for me. I was waiting for the next bump in the road and trying to determine if I would be able to move after we arrived at our destination. My thoughts drifted back to Japan and how fantastic the mass transient system is there.


We arrived at 6:00 PM and needed to wait for a half-hour on the staff before the gate was open. In the Philippines, almost every home is behind a wall and gate, so a small resort is no exception. 

The staff started filling the pool as everyone brought in the supplies. The team filled the pool with water after about three hours, and I didn’t see any pool chemicals, so I wasn’t sure if the water was safe or not. My best guess was no.

There was a food prep area, dining area, swimming area for grown up’s and one for kids, pool table, and unisex restroom. 4 bedrooms are where we would stay the night, crouched around the bug zapper to fend off the large mosquito population.


Everyone got to work with dinner, and before we knew it, the food was complete. Foods from the Philippines like Sopas and Spring rolls were available. All of the food seemed to taste the same, so I just picked something.

Pool Table

The pool table was old and only had a few balls with one stick. The pool table leather straps for the pockets were almost gone so that the balls would fall directly onto the floor. After a few moments, the pool table lost any excitement for anyone.  


Here in the Philippines, it’s called a toilet room. Toilets here don’t have a lid, so a person sits on the bowel. They are a far cry from the luxurious toilets of Japan with heated seats and built-in bidet. The thought that comes to my mind is unsanitary, but Filipinos don’t know better or don’t care.


The private resort looked much better in the daylight than at night. The water of the pool was bright and beautiful. There was a tarp above the pool for shade which is a must in the 90+F weather.  

Small Shops

Small shops line the area to sell small items to anyone staying at a resort. Blowup toys, fresh food, and drink are the typical things available. Alcohol is also plentiful for the occasion.

Area Sights

Banana grown around the area were hard to miss. The trees were everywhere and reached for the sky. A few mountains added to the ambiance making the setting a tropical wonderland. 


After a few hotdogs, we loaded everything and took off towards Manila, a short but restful trip and well-deserved release from the mundane. Between the bumps in the road and the heavy traffic, we arrived home around 8 PM. 

Tomorrow I start looking for a job that pays more than $300 a month, which seems normal in the Philippines. 

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  1. The pool looks great, it’s beside, at first sight, I guess the roller coaster thrilled the kids. I believe the trip was good for you after the quarantine. Now the journey is behind you, and in your memories keep good memories. Lots of successes and more beautiful birthing trips I wish you!


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