Japan Travel Ban – 2021 Update

After the election late last month, the government of Japan has moved to reopen the country moderately. With another win of the Liberal Democrats and strong voices from the language schools and business sectors, Japan finally relaxed restrictions.

Entry for Who

Last Monday, November 8th, the Japanese government started accepting applications for entry visas. These visas allow entry for short-term business, language students, and technical trainees. 


  • Vaccinated short-term business travelers will undergo a three-day quarantine. 
  • Short-term business travelers can remain in the country for three months.
  • Businesses are responsible for short-term business travelers. 
  • Short-term travelers must have proof of a covid negative test before entry.
  • Short-term travelers are tested for covid three days after arrival.
  • Long-term travelers have a 14 day quarantine period.
  • If long-term travelers are vaccinated with a Japan-approved vaccine, the quarantine period is ten days.


If Japan sees a spike in covid cases, they will close their borders again. If the number of covid cases continues on a downward trend, the government will revisit reducing restrictions.

Hopefully, Japan will open its borders for everyone soon. 

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