Japan Travel Ban – 2021 Update

After the election late last month, the government of Japan has moved to reopen the country moderately. With another win of the Liberal Democrats and strong voices from the language schools and business sectors, Japan finally relaxed restrictions. Entry for Who Last Monday, November 8th, the Japanese government started accepting applications for entry visas. These … Read more

Nezu-Jinja – Shinto Shrine

The Nezu-Jinja Shinto shrine is 1,900 years old, and its location is in the heart of Nezu, Tokyo. The first shrine was started by Takeru Nihon and built by Dokan Ota. This shrine was in Sendagi. Tsunayoshi Tokugawa relocated and built the current shrine in the Edo period. All of the buildings on the grounds … Read more

Japan Travel Ban – 2021

The Japan travel ban is affecting workers, students, tourists, and families. A large number are stranded because of Japan’s travel ban policy. Many of these people are ready to give up and move to other countries with a friendlier border policy. Many countries have adopted a border policy where a person must prove they don’t … Read more

Philippines Lockdown – Mask and Face Shield

Break out your mask and face shield. The two-week Manila area Covid lockdown starts today. This statement is funny because a person cannot go anywhere in the Philippines without a mask and face shield, even without a lockdown. Changes A lockdown doesn’t change much, except people cant travel on public transportation or go to work. … Read more

Oyata Minami Park – Japan

Oyata Minami Park is a small park in Nakagawa, Japan. The park is made for young children and has several activities for them. Parents accompany their children, and there are several volunteers to ensure children’s safety. The easiest way to get to the park is by train. Take the train to the JR Kameari station … Read more

Philippines Six Months Tourist Visa

While in the Philippines, I need to get a two-month tourist every two months. It’s easy to do because the closest immigration center is only 40 minutes away. The issue is the cost of obtaining the visa. While living in the Philippines is cheap, I still want to save as much money as possible. This … Read more

Ramen verses Yakisoba – Instant

If you haven’t lived in Japan, you probably don’t know the difference between ramen and yakisoba. When I return home to the United States, I correct my friends and family because they call everything ramen. I also tell them that the ramen and yakisoba in America and many other countries taste nothing like authentic Japanese … Read more

Kamichiba Sunahara Park

Kamichiba Sunahara Park is located at 1-27-1 Nishikameari, Katsushika-Ku, Tokyo 124-0002. The park is open 24/7, but events are not available after posted times. This park is made for children and has a lot of options for them. Parents visit the park with their children daily. Flowers Japan has a large variety of flowers that … Read more