Aylio Socket Seat Review

This is a product review of Aylio Socket Seat on the travelandjapan.com website.

Company Product Overview

Takes pressure off every bone while sitting

Made of High-density memory foam, 3D spacer mesh, leather, and soft velvet

Ergonomic contours alleviate pressure from sitting bones, hamstrings, hips, and lower back

Two holes for sitting comfort and a tailbone cut-out

Cradles the body for a shockingly comfortable sit

Unzips for cleaning

Carry handle

Fits men and women of all shapes and sizes up to 250 lbs.

100-day pressure-free trial
18.5 x 14.5 x3 inches
2.99 pounds

The Socket Seat can help with:

  • General comfort
  • Sit bones
  • Tailbone
  • Hips
  • Hamstrings
  • Sciatic Nerve
  • Numbness
  • Posture


Product: Aylio Socket Seat
Best place to buy: Amazon
My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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Long Flights

Anything involving sitting for long periods of time like long car rides, sitting at a desk for hours, and an uncomfortable chair can add stress to your sitting region. I’m sure everyone can think of a few but the one we usually have no control over is a long flight. I found that long flights, in general, can make your body sore and your legs ache.

I still remember my first long flight, It was 18 hours sitting on a plane to Japan with turbulence for much of the flight. The seatbelt sign was almost always on and the plane bounced up and down in the air current.

So at the end of the flight, my body was sore, my back was stiff, and my butt was numb. I needed to come up with something in case this happened again.

I started taking a small cushion on my long flights but while it did add padding it didn’t stop the pain from sitting in an uncomfortable airplane seat for hours.

My Search for a Comfort Product

After each flight, I would tell myself that I needed to find a product that would alleviate the problem but like most people, I forgot about the issue when the pain went away. The next flight came and I would remember why I needed to take time and do a few web searches.

After on and off again searching for an answer I found the Aylio Socket Seat and read the company product information and customer reviews. I thought this was the answer to my issue so I ordered one and gave it a try.

100-day pressure-free trial

One of the first things I read about the product is it’s “100-day pressure-free trial” so I can return the product within 100 days and get a refund. There aren’t many products that have an offer like this. They must truly believe in their product.


I have a chair in Japan that is close to the size and feel of an airline chair. The back even moves like one. I can only sit in this chair for about an hour before it becomes uncomfortable. So my first test is with this chair.

The Socket Seat fits in my chair with room to spare. I sat down on the Socket Seat and found that my arms no longer rest on the armrest. This isn’t an issue since I’m usually holding my phone or tablet.

The socket seat is very comfortable and added support in some areas while giving other areas of my body the freedom to move around. After an hour I was still able to sit in my uncomfortable chair without any pain. This was definitely a major improvement.

I added my laptop to my lap for the next two hours and still sat in comfort. At this point, I was impressed but I still needed to do the big test. A long airline flight.

16-hour flight

A 16-hour flight to the United States is the perfect test. The seats on American Airlines are the most uncomfortable I’ve sat in. I’m definitely in pain when I land so I wanted to see if the Socket Seat made a difference.

I arrived on the plane, put my carry-on luggage in the storage compartment above my head, my backpack, and neck pillow under the seat in front of me. Then put the Socket Seat on my seat, sat down, and buckled my seatbelt.

Since I had a window seat I only needed to leave my seat 8 times during the flight. Each time I arose I noticed and my body was not stiff like usual. I had no pain either.

Each time I sat back down the Socket Seat conformed to my body. It offered resistance in some areas while none in other areas. I didn’t need to move around in my seat to find a comfortable position because I was in pain.

At the end of my flight, I was able to gather my belongings and exit the plane and airport without the stiffness and pain I usually feel.


I unzipped the cover and machined washed in warm water. I let the cover air dry and put it back on the foam. I had no issues with cleaning the cover and placing it back on the foam and zipping it up.

Final thoughts

The Aylio Socket Seat did everything for me as advertised. It allowed me to sit for hours without discomfort while also improving my posture. I’ll not only be taking this on every flight but will also use it when I’m in the car and sitting at my desk to write.

I only have pain when I sit for a long period of time so I could only imagine how much this product could help someone that suffers from pain all the time.

The product is easy to clean and put back together.

I won’t be returning mine for that 100-day risk-free offer. But if the product doesn’t work for someone else it’s nice to know there is a money-back guarantee for 100 days.

I recommend this product to my travelandjapan.com readers.

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