Everplush Diamond Jacquard Quick Dry Hand Towel Set Review

This is a product review of Everplush Diamond Jacquard Quick Dry Hand Towel Set on the travelandjapan.com website.

Company Product Overview

4 hand towels

Gray color

Made of cotton, polyester, and polyamide

Machine wash, tumble dry

Uses Everplush technology

Instantly absorbs water

Feels soft on the skin

Absorbs 8x its weight in water


Microfiber construction


Product: Everplush Diamond Jacquard Quick Dry Hand Towel Set

Best place to buy: Amazon

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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I’m always looking for better hand towels because I live in Japan. Why? Because of two reasons.

  1. Not every restroom in Japan has a hand dryer or paper towels to dry your face and hands.
  2. I walk a lot in Japan and not just for exercise. Japan is very humid and hot during the summer so even a walk to the nearest train station and I am covered in perspiration. Put on a face mask and you double it.

So a towel that absorbs 8x its weight in water is a interesting item. I usually use an all-cotton towel but after a few uses, it’s completely wet and stays wet the remainder of the day.

New Towel found

I’m tired of having up to four towels on my person while out so I started looking for one towel that can replace up to four cotton towels. I found the Everplush towel set on amazon and made an order.

The towels arrived and I took them on a test.

Washing hands

I stood in the restroom and washed my hands six times in a row. After each wash, I dried my hands with the same Everplush towel and it soaked up the water each time. My hands felt dry and the towel felt dry. I would have used three cotton towels for the same amount of washes and probably 12 paper towels.

I was definitely happy with the results of this test. If the restroom had paper towels or an electric dryer I could just use my Everplush towel instead. Every little bit helps the environment.

Wiping my face

Japan is well into summer now with humidity levels at 90% and above. Anyone outside is going to have perspiration starting to show after only a few minutes. Buying and drinking water from the abundant vending machines in Japan is the norm.

I took one towel on a three-mile hike around the city and used it several times to wipe my face and hair. The towel soaked up my perspiration like a sponge and locked it inside. The towel also quickly dried so when I used it again the towel soaked up the water like it was never used. I also enjoyed the softness on my face.


Over the next few weeks, I used and washed the towels several times. I didn’t see any reduction in quality and the towel acted as if I just removed it from the box.

My thoughts about the product

This towel set is exactly what I have been looking for. Instead of taking up to four cotton towels with me during the summer, I can take two Everplush towels. One to wipe my face and one to dry my hands.

The towel is well made and stands up to several washes without becoming tattered. It’s soft to the touch and doesn’t dry into a sandpaper brush like full cotton towels do.

I  recommend the Everplush Diamond Jacquard Quick Dry Hand Towel Set to my readers.

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