JapanWifiBuddy Review – Wi-Fi in Japan

This is a product review of JapanWiFiBuddy on the travelandjapan.com website.

JapanWiFiBuddy is a mobile WiFi company based in Japan. They offer pocket WiFi and WiFi sim cards to people visiting or living in Japan.

I wanted to review the company before listing them on my travelandjapan.com website. I want to be sure that JapanWifiBuddy offers quality service before recommending the company to my readers.

Pocket WiFi is a typical device used in Japan. The apartment I rent in Japan includes a pocket WiFi device that I can use anywhere throughout Japan. I’ve not always lived in Japan though so when I would visit Japan on vacation I needed to rent a device after arriving at the airport. Cell phone roaming was not an option since it would cost a fortune.

The waiting line for WiFi devices was usually long and after an 18-hour flight, the last thing I wanted to do is stand in line while fighting jet lag and sometimes motion sickness.

So an alternative solution was needed. I found a marvelous solution in a company called JapanWifiBuddy.


Product: Pocket and sim card WiFi service
Price: Depends on your needs
My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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Ordering Wi-Fi

I could order my pocket WiFi or sim card when making my Japan vacation plan and have it delivered where I wanted. I can pick it up at the airport without waiting in line or at my hotel/Airbnb. The company works with customers to deliver anywhere in Japan.

I found this refreshing because WiFi was one less thing to worry about once I land in Japan. I can land at the airport, go through immigration and customs, pick up my luggage and WiFi buddy, and get on the train. Simple!


I felt the JapanWifiBuddy website was super easy to use. I found a full walkthrough on the site and it answered all my questions about the process. The whole process is only four steps. The website even has a short video that walked me through the steps.

I selected the device I thought would fit my needs and pressed the rent now button. Then I adjusted the dates I would use the device and added insurance in case I lost or somehow broke the device. I would only need to pay half the price of the unit with insurance.

Shipping was next and I selected the airport option. I filled in my flight number, arrival time, and airport.

Finally, I added my payment information. The whole process took about 5 minutes.


I picked up the device at the airport and when I opened the package I was impressed. It included all the cables and recharge plug but I didn’t expect the power bank.

The pocket WiFi was already charged and ready to go. I found the device in the WiFi list on my phone, connected, and entered the password. I had WiFi my whole visit to Japan. Even on Mount Fuji, my wifi was able to upload all my pictures and videos to social media.

Returning Wi-Fi

I found it easy to return the pocket WiFi to the company. They included a prepaid envelope with my order so all I did was put the pocket WiFi in the envelope and dropped it off at the hotel desk.

Since it was general mail I could have dropped it off at any post office or mailbox. I was really impressed with my options. Usually, my only option was to return a device at the airport. I have more important things to do than stand in another line.


I had no issues with the WiFi service. Purchasing the diamond package I received 5GB of 4G each day. The speed (187.5Mbs) was better than my WiFi back home so I was feeling great about my choice.

Diamond pocket WiFi is their top package but the company has two other package offers called Silver and platinum. Silver is 170MB a day at 80Mbps and platinum is 4GB at 150Mbps. I chose the best package since I was going to be uploading several pictures and videos.

Customer service

All the customer service is in English which I found to be limiting. The website is only in English and the help support number is for the United States or Skype only.

I did try the live chat and was immediately helped by a service representative who was knowledgeable about the products. They answered several questions and were not in a hurry to leave chat until I fully understood the answers.

WiFi in Japan

Overall I felt JapanWifiBuddy service was flexible. I could order WiFi when planning my vacation and pick up the unit anywhere in Japan. The return was also easy, just put the device in the provided package and hand it to a person at the hotel desk.

The website was straightforward and the video step by step guide was informative. My order was complete in less than five minutes.

Service was great and I was able to upload all of my pictures and video to my social media site without losing browsing speed.

Anyone from the United States would have full customer support but if you are a customer who does not understand English then you will find it difficult to order a device or receive customer service. Hopefully, the company will expand its customer service to include other languages in the future.

Rent your WiFi Buddy here.

I do recommend this service to my readers.

Please leave comments below about your experience with this company.

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