Philippines Follow-Up Doctor Visit

A typical Philippines doctor visit is short unless the patient asks several questions. My first follow-up visit to the hospital’s outpatient area didn’t take long and was a pleasant experience. 

The doctor was in a good mood and gave me great news. 

Some readers wanted a follow-up on my health issue, and I wanted them to know what a follow-up visit was like at a Philippines hospital. The only problem I found was the appointment was for the wrong doctor.

Let’s see what a follow-up visit is all about.

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I arrived just before my appointment time at 2:30. The waiting room isn’t full of people, but it’s probably because of social distancing. However, there were several people at the front desk in a group waiting for help.

Everyone had on a mask and but not a face shield, which the hospital requires.


It took the desk staff several minutes to find my appointment. It was probably a first visit issue, so I didn’t think much about it. The problem I had was all the people standing around together in a group without any airflow.

Covid is rampant in this area, so every precaution should be taken by the hospital to stop the virus’s spread. I saw minimal observance of stop the spread procedures. 

Triage Check

My first outpatient visit and I was expecting a real going over, so my chart had some data. 

The triage nurse took my height, weight, and blood pressure. That was it, I asked myself. The process took five minutes. 

They didn’t take my temperature or ask any questions whatsoever. It’s almost as if the process bothered them, and they didn’t have time for it.

I was thinking, different country, different process.

Waiting Room

After my “extensive” triage check, the staff asked me to wait in the waiting room. 

I took a seat in the waiting room, away from everyone. The front door was open, letting the 97-degree heat inside. Two fans were blowing, but overall there was little air circulation. The staff didn’t check how to maximize the airflow to cool people and help stop the spread of Covid.

Sitting in the heat with a mask and face shield is not much fun. You cannot wipe the sweat from your face. I always take a face towel, but it’s worthless in these incidences. 

My seat was close enough to the front desk to hear people coming in and asking for a Covid test. Some of the requests were work-related, but some people were terrified that they may have the virus without any symptoms.

The hype here in the Philippines is causing panic.


At 3:00, the doctor was available. The appointment was a half-hour late, but I have waited hours in America for appointments, so this short half-hour wait acceptable.

I thought I would see the Pulmonologist and get some refills on my medication but found that I was seeing the heart specialist. The doctor’s face was puzzled for a bit, and they asked why I made a follow-up with them because my heart is strong and I am the picture of health.

The follow-up was made by the hospital staff before left the hospital. I was just following protocol. Since I was there already, the doctor refilled my prescriptions and reviewed my 2D ECHO again.

The heart specialist asked me to make a follow-up appointment with the Pulmonologist for next week. 

The doctor told me that he couldn’t improve on perfection, so I left the office. This interaction made me feel good, and I was happy with my doctor’s visit.


The bill was 500 Philippines pesos, payable when leaving. So when converting the peso to US dollars, I paid $10 for a visit without insurance.


It’s the holy week in the Philippines, so doing anything is difficult. It was almost impossible to get inside the car parked next to the roadway with all the traffic because parking space is hard to come by.

I grew tired of waiting, so I took my big American body out into traffic. Everyone stopped as I entered the waiting car, and we drove away.

I just chuckled a bit.

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12 thoughts on “Philippines Follow-Up Doctor Visit”

  1. Hospitals now in the Philippines are very strict while checking the patients, and you cannot get an appointment, especially when you are coughing and have a fever. They think you have covid. All the Filipinos are paranoid about the covid even if the symptoms is different. Nowadays, no one wants to go to the hospital and afraid of getting covid. Your article will help a lot of filipinos who want to visit the hospital. Thank you, and keep writing more articles.

  2. I can relate to wearing a mask in hot weather and being in a room with little to no circulation of air. You sweat under the mask and it is difficult to wipe the sweat of. I have never been to the Philippines, but I live in the semi-desert in Mexico, and right now it’s getting hotter, summer is approaching. 

    The cost for your doctor’s visit was very low. I have heard how expensive medical care is in the US without insurance, so the cost for this visit must have been a nice surprise. He certainly had good news for you too!

  3. The article about your hospital visit to the Philippines is interesting. I love to travel but have never had to visit a medical facility. When traveling, having a medical emergency and needing medical care can be scary, especially during COVID outbreaks. A $10 doctor visit is very reasonable. Do they offer different levels of medical care? COVID tests are scheduled online in advance in the states, and there is a lot of precaution taken when you take your test.

    • Different levels, like public hospitals where the poor go and private hospitals where people with money go. Medical care is not even close to medical care in the US.

  4. Hello Michael, you are living an adventure in the Philippines. I’m glad that you are well, and I wish you to have a visit with the right doctor next time. Thank you for following up and sharing this information. I think that everyone that goes to see a doctor in the Philippines will find helpful this article, knowing now what to do and what to expect from the hospitals. At least the price of the visit is affordable, so it is a good thing.

    Stay well and Happy Easter.


  5. Hello Michael

    Its good to know you are doing much better and your heart is strong! At least this experience was by far a better one than last time at the hospital. Thank you for sharing this story Im sure it will help someone out there who is visiting phillipines and find they need medical care.

    Have a blessed Easter

  6. The Philippines is such a wonderful country. I must say I really love the idea of your site, travel but going into scenarios you may encounter in other countries it is so interesting to me. Please send me some other posts on this topic. I’ve bookmarked your site. I love this idea.


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