Philippines Lockdown – Mask and Face Shield

Break out your mask and face shield. The two-week Manila area Covid lockdown starts today. This statement is funny because a person cannot go anywhere in the Philippines without a mask and face shield, even without a lockdown.


A lockdown doesn’t change much, except people cant travel on public transportation or go to work. Everything else is the same. People will use their vehicles to go places like shopping or to the mall. Convenient stores are also open, and people go out for a drink at night. 


While the number of cases is increasing, I still don’t know anyone who has had covid, and I live an hour away from Manila. Out of 110 million people, 1.58 million are reported as having the disease. Two hundred sixteen cases are the delta variant. 


People are scrambling to get the vaccine so they can get their government checks. I found out yesterday that this is a hoax, but people believe it. It’s unknown where this rumor came from, but the government of the Philippines is trying to increase the number of vaccinated population.  

This panic is causing a run on vaccine-ready places, and people are disregarding all covid safeguards. Several don’t have a mask or face shield and are in tight groups of thousands. 

Lining up for the vaccine will do more to promote the spread of the virus than if people would stay home. 

Travel Ban

The Philippines has extended the travel ban for ten countries till August 15th. India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Oman, the UAE, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.


The lockdown will end on August 20th and cost the country 210 billion pesos.


Even with the lockdown, people are everywhere. When I visit the store, there are long lines to get in. People are on the streets, and traffic is everywhere. People are working anywhere to earn money so their families can eat. The people live a day at a time, so if you don’t work, you and your family won’t eat. 

So people are possibly spreading the virus more because their daily routine has changed. What’s worse is families are going hungry, and people are losing their jobs. The children suffer the most and, in several cases sent out to beg for money.

I’m unsure the lockdown is helping but perhaps a mask and face shield will save everyone.

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