Kameari Katori Jinja – The Shrine for Good Luck and Health

Kameari Katori Jinja is 744 years old. Constructed in 1276, the Shrine is a short walk southeast from the Kameari station, and the whole complex has several Shrines, a gift shop, and dessert dining. The office is open all year and offers several services like amulets and red stamps. 

Autumn Colors

The Shrines offer different blessings, including disaster relief blessing of good luck, legs and waist health, wife safety, and prayer for easy delivery (giving birth). Many people visit the Shrines daily to pray, present offerings, and hang wishes. The Shrine site is considered a special place for the people of the area.


I often visit the Shrine area because I shop in the stores next to the site and pass by on my way to the rail station. It’s a peaceful place where people come to pray and spend time with each other, dreaming of the future and discussing the past. I find it amazing that the Shrine is 744 years old.

Another Shrine

740th Anniversary Celebration Project

The complex finished the 740 years (1276 – 2016) celebration major maintenance project to renovate the Shrine site two years ago. The Shrine is a temporary shelter for seven neighborhood associations in the event of a natural disaster. The site has been through several earthquakes over its 740 years. The project involved building a new visitor center and renovating structures and improving freshwater drainage.

Visitor Center

Hours are 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM Summer and 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Winter

The visitor center offers Amulets, votive (offerings), tablet distribution, and red stamps. A visitor would also make reservations and ask questions here.

To receive a red stamp, you’ll need to bring your Honorable Red Stamp Book with you. Collecting red stamps has been around since the Edo period. Many Shrines and Temples in Japan offer this service. Several people spend their whole life collecting red stamps.

Visitor Center

I have yet to start my collection, but since I’m adding Shrines and Temples to the travelandjapan.com website, I should begin my collection.

Patisserie La Rose des Japonals

Hours are 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM Closed Tuesdays

This cafe sells pudding, pastries, cakes, and fruit gelatin. There is seating inside and on a terrace overlooking the Shrine area. The food is delicious, and I stop by when I want to eat and enjoy quiet time. 

Patisserie La Rose des Japonals

Kochira katsushika-ku Kameari Koen-mae hashutsujo Manga 

The Kochira katsushika-ku Kameari Koen-mae hashutsujo or KochiKame is a comedy manga series and ran from 1976 – 2016 for a total of 40 years. There was also an anime series and animated films.

Kankichi Ryotsu

The police station in the manga is in front of Kameari Park. The Shrine area was in the manga several times, and there is a statue of the main character on the shrine grounds.

Shortly I’ll be adding an article about KochiKame and showing my readers all of the statues and areas where the manga took place. 


There are several areas on the Shrine ground where people hang their wishes. These wishes are asking for blessings from the Kami or Kamis of the Shrine. I see many about an easy birth, protection from disasters, and keeping a wife safe. 

More wishes

A person can also wish for anything in the hope that your favorite Kami will help you.

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