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Company Product Overview

Point2points Travel Pillow provides several different support positions.

Can be used for resting, naps, watching TV, and traveling.

Is useful for a neck pillow, lower back support, or footrest.

Easy to remove the outer cover for machine washing.

Snap-button to secure the pillow around the neck.

Comes with a drawstring bag, sleep eye mask, and earplugs.


Product: Point2points Travel Pillow
Best place to buy: Amazon
My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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Testing the Pillow at Home

I travel a lot so I’m always looking for products to make my travel more comfortable. I’m no strange to long flights and falling asleep. I’ve used travel pillows in the past (the really cheap inflatable ones) without success. With or without a pillow I still ended up with a sore neck.

I had another long flight coming up so I started looking for a new pillow that I could use to sleep on the plane without waking to another sore neck. I found the Point2Points Travel Pillow and thought I would give it a try since I can move it into different shapes and it’s foam.

I took the product out of its bag and started adjusting while sitting in my Japanese chair shaped surprisingly like a chair you would find on an aircraft. I tried several different positions until I decided on the one I thought would offer the most comfort. I was ready for my flight.

Aircraft Test

I easily carried the pillow to the plane in its bag and neatly put it under the seat in front of me along with my small backpack and the necessary water bottle.

About halfway through the flight, it was time to get some refreshing sleep. I pulled the pillow out of the bag, adjusted it, put in the earplugs, and adjusted the sleeping mask. I was comfortable and fell asleep quickly.

Instead of the cheap pillows that offered no support, the Point2points Travel Pillow provided support to my neck. When I awoke I didn’t have my usual neck pain. I thought “I can save money on this trip by not getting a massage”. $25 for an adjustable pillow, earplugs, and a sleeping mask. Reusable! I’m going to save a bundle over the years.

Earplugs and Sleeping Mask

The foam earplugs are just standard foam earplugs, They muffle sound but don’t completely remove it. I could still hear important announcements but the normal noise in the passenger area was so low that I could sleep without waking to simple noises.

I have collected a few sleeping masks over the years. After flying all over the world and setting next to people using bright devices a person ends up with a few of them.

This sleeping mask is different than my usual ones because it has a nose area to keep out the light. The mask fits over you eyes and nose to completely shut out the light. In the past I would wake up and my old mask has moved but this mask stayed in place during my sleep.


I found the pillow comfortable and had no issues adjusting it. I was able to get several hours of sleep without waking up with neck pain. The cover was easy to remove and machine wash.  

The earplugs are the standard foam type and nothing special. They made my sleep comfortable by removing standard noise but I was still able to hear announcements. I prefer plastic earplugs that correctly fit my ear and are easy to clean but for the price, I can’t complain.

Sleeping masks really come in handy on long flights. I really liked the one that came with the Point2points Travel Pillow because I could sleep without the need to readjust the mask. The noseguard prevented the mask from sliding around.

I recommend this product to my readers. It’s a great way to get some good sleep before arriving at your destination.

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