Oyata Minami Park – Japan

Oyata Minami Park is a small park in Nakagawa, Japan. The park is made for young children and has several activities for them. Parents accompany their children, and there are several volunteers to ensure children’s safety.

The easiest way to get to the park is by train. Take the train to the JR Kameari station and walk 10 minutes to the park.

Oyata Minami Park 42-1, Nakagawa 4-Chome, Adachi, Tokyo, Japan 120-0002

The park’s website is here.

Hours are 9:00 – 17:30 every day, with some exceptions.


The park has two mini trains that children and parents can ride on. The most popular one is the Shinkansen (bullet train) and a steam locomotive. The kids become excited just seeing the train and laugh and smile while they ride.

Parents are allowed to help their young children while riding, so they don’t fall off. The train goes about two miles an hour in a small circle around the inside of the park.

Children cheer when the horn sounds and make a tug symbol with their arms, like pulling on the whistle cord. The bike trail goes over the tracks, and children on bikes learn train safety while riding. Bike safety is essential since there are many train tracks in Japan.

Bike Safety

There is a miniature bike safety course inside and outside the train tracks. Parents can rent a bike or go-carts from the park staff for their kids. 

Children enjoy learning traffic rules from volunteers and park staff. They also review this subject in school before graduating to high school, where they can ride bikes to school. They cannot ride bikes to elementary school.


Statues are everywhere in the park and outside the park along the road. When children see the statues outside the park while walking or riding in a car, they know the park is close, and they become excited. 

There are statues of young children 3-5 and older children 6-10. These statues are outside the park next to the road. 

The statues inside the park are of a favorite children’s anime called Anpanman. The prominent figures are Balkinman, the arch-enemy of Anpanman, and Anpanman, the hero. 

Anpanman is so popular because he is everywhere young children play. Statues, posters, books, comics, figurines, and anything else the creators can invent.

Trees and Flowers

The park has trees around the perimeter and several flower arrangements inside the park. This ambiance adds to the well-being and security of the park. It would be difficult to remove a child from the park because many trees are growing close together and tall bushes. 

The flowers are bright with vivid colors. They bloom all year round in different parts of the park. This year-round bloom is usual in Japanese parks and even homes and roadways except in northern Japan, where it snows.

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