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This is a product review of italki on the website.

Company Product Overview

  • A global language learning community
  • 1-on-1 online language lessons
  • Believe that human interaction and cultural sharing are the best way to become fluent in a foreign language
  • Over 5 million students
  • 10,000 high-quality teachers
  • 130 languages

The most EFFICIENT way to reach language fluency!

– Speaking with humans is the best way to learn.

– Practice conversational skills under different real-world scenarios.

– Customized lessons that cater to students’ learning needs and interests

– 1-on-1 lessons provide you undivided attention with teachers

If it’s CONVENIENCE that you’re after…

– Whether you’re at home, at the airport, or your local park, you have complete access

– Select the language you want at your preferred time.  You’re in the driver’s seat!

The more AFFORDABLE option

– More affordable than offline tutors – 30% of the cost.

– More affordable than offline schools – a fraction of the cost. Schools can cost thousands of dollars, with less flexibility.  Very limited 1-1 attention from teachers to address your particular language needs

– More affordable than software – Software can cost $200 USD for a Beginner CD. Compare that to 20 hours with a live teacher at italki.


– Experience language and culture from native speakers who know the real deal

– Trying to conquer a test, ace an interview, or simply looking to learn a new language? italki has professionally qualified teachers equipped with tools to help you achieve your language learning goals.

– Unlike many other platforms, we have niche classes available such as learning business English, French for tourism, or Spanish from Latin America.


Product: italki
Price: Depends on your needs
My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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Learning to speak Japanese correctly

When I started studying using the Japanese From Zero! Books my Japanese started to improve but something was missing. I had no one to speak Japanese with. I thought “how can I communicate Japanese if I don’t know how to speak it”. I can’t just write everyone a note, what about body language, eye contact, and tone level. I needed to know all of this if I wanted to successfully speak to someone in the Japanese language.

I had tried an online group with a teacher to feel left behind by more advanced students in the past. The teacher tended to focus on them, and I found that I was learning nothing. I needed one-on-one instruction with a teacher from Japan.

After searching for a few days, I found italki, and this exponentially accelerated my Japanese speaking.

Choosing my teacher

After making my account I needed to choose a teacher. I knew I wanted a native speaker because I was moving to Japan not just wanting to learn the language.

Each teacher has a webpage with an introduction video. I picked the teacher I felt I could communicate with daily. Checking their schedule was the next step. I found an open time and booked my trial class.

Teachers who get to know you

After signing up for my first trial class the instructor I picked sent me a welcome email and asked about my Japanese level and my needs.

The lessons were over Skype so I downloaded and installed. It was easy to set up an account and configure my mic and volume. I recommend a headset so you can clearly communicate with the teacher. An external mic and speaker setup will cause a feedback loop through your speakers.

My first lesson was about Introducing ourselves and discussing our family. This made me feel very comfortable with my teacher. After my first lesson, I  purchased a five-lesson pack that saved me money because I had found a teacher I knew I could learn from.

My teacher was very flexible and asked me what I wanted to learn and what instruction material I used. We worked together from my books and study material. They were extremely patient and explained everything.  I could contact them anytime if I had a question.

After my first five lessons, I booked several months in advance to set the same time each day and start a routine. The one-on-one instruction made a difference. Over the next several weeks, I grew more confident in my speaking ability

Rescheduled class

A few lessons into my training a storm knocked out my internet so I communicated the issue with my teacher. They were very understanding and rescheduled for a different day.

There was no charge to me, and I didn’t lose an hour of instruction. The teacher continued as if nothing had happened. I found italki moral support a comfort when I had technical difficulties since this was an online class.

Final Thoughts

Using books is a great way to learn but when you’re learning a new language it’s better to use books and a live teacher to learn the language completely.

When I was learning from just books, I learned words, phrases, reading, writing, and pronunciation. Books didn’t teach me to speak to others in Japanese. Italki filled in the gap and put all that I had learned in context.

I was able to move to Japan and speak Japanese. Not bumbling Japanese or “am I using the correct word” Japanese. The kind of Japanese where the Japanese person takes two steps back and smiles because you know how to communicate with them.

I recommend italki to my readers.

Sign up with italki here.

They teach over 130 languages so if Japanese isn’t the language you want to learn they have you covered.

Do you use italki? Let me know how it’s working for you in the comment section below.

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