UMI Step Up and Down Voltage Converter Review

This is a product review of UMI Step Up and Down Voltage Converter on the website.

Company Product Overview

80-watt step up and down converter

Slim and lightweight

Smart convert

110 volts to 220 volts

220 volts to 110 volts

USB 5 volts/ 2000mA fast charging port

The manufacture wants you to check your device for maximum power consumption (MPC) located on the device’s nameplate or manual to ensure their product will work with your device. Your devices MPC needs to be less than the UMI Step Up and Down Voltage Converter or the device will not work.


Product: UMI Step Up and Down Voltage Converter
Best place to buy: Amazon
My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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I fly all over the world so I come in contact with electronic devices made with different power needs. I’m not about to pass up a great deal just because the device has a different looking power plug. So when visiting a place like the Philippines or Canada I can shop for electronics. Let’s look at an example.

I can use my electronics from America in the Philippines where the voltage is 220 and I can use my electronics from the Philippines in America where the voltage is 110. 

The company offers several different converters that offer different watts so match your electronics with the correct converter. This means that you don’t need to worry when shopping for electronics in other countries. Just don’t get too crazy or the electronics won’t fit in your luggage.


This converter fits in my luggage and is small so it takes little space. It’s a little bigger than my iPhone 8 or my electric shaver from Singapore. I put it in the front pocket of my luggage. I’ve never had an issue but I know it gets banged around on my travels.


The converter weights 1.32lb or .6kg. This is lightweight for a voltage converter. When I was working on my electronics degree back in the 90’s I used converters that weighed several pounds so this technology has come a long way.

My thoughts

I own 4 converters from this company and each work without issue. I carry two with me when I travel so I can use the electronics I have purchased in different parts of the world. Not every hotel I stay at has a hairdryer and coffee/tea maker and who knows what’s happened to the devices if the hotel does provide them.

Sometimes I stay several months in a place before moving on so these converters help me to bring some of my luxuries from home with me. Who says you can’t bring your home with you.

I have found no issues with the converters but other people use them without following directions. They buy the wrong converter for their electronic device then blame the converter instead of getting some help. Getting the correct converter for the correct device is simple and there are several people who can help including me.

I recommend these voltage converters to my readers. Anyone can enjoy shopping for electronics from anywhere in the world when you know it’s so easy to power them.

Get your voltage converter here.

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