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Entertainment in a Foreign Country

It’s a long flight to Japan depending on where you live in the world. The flight seems to take forever without some quality entertainment. The airline does offer several movies in different categories but not everyone likes the variety they offer. Worst yet your online movie streaming service won’t work at 25,000 feet.

If you have a paid subscription to an online movie service you’ll quickly realize that the subscription no longer works after leaving your home country. An online movie service from the United States does not work in Japan and vice versa. If you want to use an online movie service in Japan you’ll need to sign up for the Japan version but understand that most movies will be in Japanese.

Did I forget to mention that all television service is in Japanese also? While this is interesting for a couple of days the interesting will turn in to frustration because you don’t know the language. 

The best solution to the issue is to download the movies you want to watch from the online movie service while still in your home country. You can watch these movies on the plane and in a different country. The major problem with doing this is having enough space on your device to have a wide selection of movies and a screen larger than your phone so you can enjoy watching.

I also recommend downloading a few games and books. Sure you’ll be busy seeing the sights but there is a lot of downtime in between. The long flight to and from Japan can turn into hours of boredom without some quality entertainment.

Company Product Overview

Fire HD 10 Tablet (64 GB, Black, Without Special Offers) + Amazon Standing Case (Charcoal Black) + Nupro Screen Protector (2-pack) + 15W USB-C Charger

  • Includes the latest Fire HD 10 Tablet without Special Offers
  • 64 Gb of storage space minus the OS and special programs
  • Add up to 512 GB with microSD
  • 10.1″ 1080p full HD display
  • 2.0 GHz octa-core processor and 2 GB of RAM
  • USB-C and faster charging
  • Cover
  • 1 year limited warranty and service


Product: Amazon Fire 64 Gb 10” Tablet
Best place to buy: Amazon
My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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Special Offers

The Special Offers are advertisements that are always on your tablet. While the special offers are great I don’t like them coming up each time I turn on the tablet so I bought a tablet without them.

64 Gb Storage Space

I go with the largest amount of internal storage space because it’s faster than the microSD card. I can store movies and books on the microSD card and install my apps and games on the faster internal memory.

1080p full HD

1080p allows for a high definition movie display. I can tell the difference from my old Samsung tablet. Movies are clearer and I can see some things I missed when I rewatch the movie.  

New Tablet

My old Samsung tablet started getting hot while recharging even after replacing the battery so I used the problem as a good excuse to get a new tablet.

After reviewing my options I chose the Amazon Fire. The screen was the right size for my needs and it came in 64 Gb. I use the tablet primarily for travel so it needed to fit in my travel bag so I can take it out after takeoff.

In just a few minutes I had the tablet setup with my Amazon account and I was filling it with movies from my streaming services and movies I had previously purchased on Amazon. I installed a fast 512 Gb microSD card and in a few days had several movies.

I found the Fire HD 10 Tablet much faster than my old tablet and was able to be more productive using it. After filling up on movies I downloaded several apps including hurricane and typhoon tracking, weather, earthquake alerts, and flight information.

I also installed a few games that don’t need the internet to run. The tablet easily handled every command given to it and I had no issues.

After Takeoff

After takeoff, I pulled out the tablet, connected the headphones, lowered the seat tray, and set the tablet on it using the built-in stand.

I watched movies for the first several hours and this helped the time pass swiftly. The quality was amazing for a tablet and I could watch movies I had previously watched several times before but because the movie was much clearer I could see a few things I missed.

I played a few games and read a couple of books without any eye strain. The battery lasted for about 12 hours before I needed to plug in and recharge. The tablet did everything I needed it to do. I was pleased with my purchase.

I recommend this tablet to my readers.

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