Review – Customers’ interest is our top priority? is an online international travel agency. With headquarters in Singapore, helps over 400 million users worldwide. It’s safe to say that the company is doing something right because the numbers are impressive. That’s why I’m doing a review.

The company provides its users with a website and app that provides booking services. Users will book flights, airport transfers, hotels, car rentals, trains, tours, and attraction tickets using a computer or phone in 19 languages. offers 1.2 million hotels in 200 countries and covers 5,000 cities with 2 million flight routes. The company also has an abundance of train ticket sales. Countries covered are Japan, UK, China, South Korea, and Germany.

I didn’t find total train ticket sales, but since they were the first company to sell South Korea Korail tickets, I would imagine it is Significant.



Price: Depends on your needs

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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I have used for a few years, and I’m familiar with their products and services. This review will contain years of experience in dealing with this company.


The website has improved throughout the years, and it’s easy to select the option you want and do a search for pricing. It’s a no-nonsense approach with customer feedback used to update features continually.

Adding the “I’m traveling for work” feature has helped people customize for work. I use this option a lot and find it invaluable for taking a business trip.

Take a hotel booking, for example. Just click the “I’m traveling for work” option and fill in the destination. will customize all of the options for work.

Whether for work or play, their search engine is top-notch. After selecting a hotel room you’re interested in, several features on the left-hand side allow you to customize several options. I think of this as my reminder list because I tend to forget something when in a hurry to book.

No worries if you forget about breakfast because if you go down the list, it’s an option you can check. adds it and adjusts the price. It’s that simple.

Features like a map to locate the hotel help travelers find the hotel without contacting the place. The price slider enables you to pick within your budget.

I like the guest rating because I always want to know the guest reviews before staying in a hotel. has streamlined and expanded this feature. Customer reviews are big and bold, easy to read, and offer a wealth of information. It’s as if they read my feedback and changed their website over the years.

Even if you don’t know where you want to go, there are so many recommendations on the website that you’ll make up your mind in no time.


The app is just as easy to use as the website. I like it better, but that’s my opinion. I’ve used the app on iPhone and Android, and unless you have an old phone, the app works great.

One of the newer features that involve flights is the ability to see some pricing for several dates. I can click on the date and move through each week and see what day is the best deal. 

It saves so much time than other booking websites and apps where you need to return to the main screen and pick a different date each time to see the price.

I find the price I want and adjust my schedule, and it’s that simple

The app never has crashed on me or developed an issue while I was using it. It’s solid and has all the features of the website. The customer support chat also is rock solid.

Not Perfect

While the website and app are great, sometimes customer service fails. I had a customer service nightmare with once in all the years I’ve used them. 

I was in South Korea, and my flight was canceled because of a Typhoon. I contacted using the live chat feature on their app and asked them to reschedule my flight back to Japan. 

They said they would take care of it, and I should receive an email soon.

I contacted them again two hours later, and they were oblivious to my request. There was no case notes or open ticket. This issue went on all day, and I was beyond frustrated. 

Even when speaking to who I assumed was a supervisor, they did nothing to rebook my ticket. They did tell me at one point that I had a flight the following day at 5:00 PM but never received an email, and when I contacted them again, the help agent had no record.

Finally, I decided to go to the airport the following day and check with the airline. I received a replacement ticket 5 minutes after walking up to the counter. I was ready never to use again, but something happened that changed my mind.

Customer Service

Follow-up customer service from is exceptional. After posting my grievance on TrustPilot, I received a call from customer service. 

I received a full refund for my ticket and a vulture for a free flight anywhere in Asia. This token was going above and beyond and changed me back into a happy customer. 

Since then, I haven’t had any issues with the live chat or making changes to my booked services. has held onto a longtime customer, and we are both satisfied with the arrangement.

Cheap does everything they do, and they still keep some of the most competitive pricing in the business.


The company goes beyond customer service, the business model is stable and growing, and their website and app are second to none. 

These features make the best company for all of your travel needs.

I recommend to all my readers. Customers’ interest is their top priority and they work hard at it.

Start your travel here.

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  4. I have always wanted to go to Japan.  It’s on my daughter’s list of places to visit and I am hoping to go with her.  Japan is a place full of culture, tradition and history that I would love to see. When looking for apps to book my holiday I like for it to be an easy task, your review is pointing out all the things I look for especially the reviews which I always consider before buying anything.  Thanks for the information. 


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