TUMI Alpha 3 Expandable International 4 Wheeled Carry-On Review

This is a product review of TUMI – Alpha 3 Expandable International 4 Wheeled Carry-On on the travelandjapan.com website.

Company Product Overview

Comes in Black

2” of additional space when using the zipper expansion

Built-in garment sleeve appears after using the zipper expansion – holds one suit

Security zipper, U-zip pockets, several organizer pockets

Removable USB cable and a hanger bracket located in the mesh zip pocket

FXT Ballistic nylon, DuraFold construction, Impact-resistant side panels

Protective bumper rails

X-Brace 45 Handle System

Side, top, and bottom grab handles

Dual spinner wheels

TUMI Tracer program

TSA Lock

USB port – get the power bank here

22” x 14” x 9”

11.2 lbs


Product: TUMI – Alpha 3 Expandable International 4 Wheeled Carry-On
Best place to buy: Amazon
My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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Looking for new Luggage

I’m going to do a lot of traveling after the travel bans are lifted so I thought about looking for new luggage since mine is almost 20 years old. My old luggage has held up well but has taken a beating. I want to replace it with luggage that will not only hold up but also bring me up to date with accessibility and get the most for my money.

Since I live in Japan I want to buy small luggage. You can find out why in my blog post here. Also, I wanted 360 spinner wheels because I’ve never had them and they make moving luggage so much easier.

I want carry-on luggage size not only for Japan but also in case my luggage gets lost I have all of my essentials with me. I can carry on as nothing happened. My luggage also needs to be the correct size for international travel.

I found the TUMI – Alpha 3 and now my search is over.

Extra Room

I’ll definitely put the zipper expansion to good use. I usually need to iron my suit after arriving at my hotel but now I can relax. My suit will already be wrinkle-free and ready to go.


I travel so some extremely remote places where the airport tends to not handle luggage with care so much as hurry and get it offloaded/loaded.

USB Port

I can leave my power bank packed and recharge by plugging into the USB port on my carry-on luggage. This is a fantastic feature because I don’t need to mess with my power bank while I’m at the airport. I usually have my phone, cables, and power bank sitting on my lap so I can recharge. Not only is extremely cumbersome I find something usually falls off when I’m reaching for my water.

TSA lock

I’ve never been anywhere without someone checking my luggage at TSA. If there is a spot bomb check I’m picked. I’m constantly being asked to open up my luggage so TSA can search it. Look there’s an older business guy, lets search him. Whatever the reason the TSA lock will help the process go smoothly.

Overall thoughts

The TUMI – Alpha 3 Expandable International 4 Wheeled Carry-On has everything I was looking for in my next luggage. lightweight but durable, spinner wheels, TSA lock, and USB port.

It will hold my suit in the expandable zipper space in the main compartment. All of my toiletries in the zipper pockets and my out on the town clothing in the main compartment.

Plus it’s carry-on so I’ll always have it with me. If my other check-in luggage is ever lost I have everything I need to do business and go out on the town when I’m finished.

TUMI – Alpha 3 Expandable International 4 Wheeled Carry-On is perfect for Japan travel so I’ll be putting two on my list.

Get your TUMI – Alpha 3 Expandable International 4 Wheeled Carry-On here.

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