Nagato Chinju Hachiman Shrine

Nagato Chinju Hachiman Shrine is a Shinto Shrine located in Nakagawa, Adachi, Tokyo. 

Address: 3 Chome-21-1 Nakagawa, Adachi City, Tokyo 120-0002

The date of construction is unknown.

Deity – Houda Betsuson

This shrine looks new even though it’s hundreds of years old. Several people upkeep this shrine daily. The grounds are clean and free of debris. All of the artwork and painting is fresh and clear.


This shrine is one of the millions throughout Japan dedicated to Kami Hachiman. Hachiman is the Kami of warriors, divination, and culture. Also known as the protector of Japan.

Hachiman shrines are the second most common shrine in Japan. Inari shrines are the most common in Japan.

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Farmers and fishers also worship Kami Hachiman, so their harvest will be bountiful. This practice began in ancient times.

When Buddhism arrived in the 8th century in Japan, Kami Hachiman became part of the Buddhist belief. This fusing of belief systems is known as syncretism. It’s similar to the Catholic Church incorporating several pagan rituals to bring pagans into the church. 

Hounda Betsuson

Kami Hachiman is the spirit of Hounda Betsuson or Emperor Ojin and is considered the original Kami Hachiman. 

He was the 15th Emperor of Japan. The latter half of the 4th century.

Limited Information

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