Japan Travel Ban – 2021

The Japan travel ban is affecting workers, students, tourists, and families. A large number are stranded because of Japan’s travel ban policy. Many of these people are ready to give up and move to other countries with a friendlier border policy.

Many countries have adopted a border policy where a person must prove they don’t have Covid before entering the country but not Japan. Many are worried that Japan won’t survive much longer if the lockdown is not lifted.

Here is the latest information.


Several students and workers are stranded outside of Japan and are not allowed to enter. The travel ban is hurting the Japanese economy. Factories are shutting down, and language schools will start to close by the end of the year. 

Japan is the only country that is not accepting international students.

Japan is running the visa program as usual instead of keeping workers in Japan. As visas expire, workers are asked to leave the country instead of extending their visas to find new jobs.

Government Pressure

Many language schools are forming reopen Japan groups and pressuring the government to reopen Japan’s borders to the world.

The government needs to understand that if Japan’s borders don’t open soon, foreign workers and students will find other countries that welcome them. Japan’s economy has been damaged, and this damage will last for years unless the government opens the border soon.

Reopen Timeline 

With the drop in Covid cases throughout Japan, the Japanese government may review the state of emergency and border lockdown soon. Pressure from several businesses and schools will help the government to make a decision. 

With over half of the population fully vaccinated and more people being vaccinated each day, the government may decide to open the border by the end of the year or sooner.


I think that Japan can’t keep its border closed much longer, but the government usually does what’s best for the people instead of changing policy because of pressure. Some studies show that the vaccine does more harm than good and doesn’t prevent the virus longer than a few months. We may have to live with Covid until a better solution is found.

Until then, we need to continue living the best way we can.

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