Job Websites for the Philippines

Covid-19 has all but stopped in-person interviews and job hunting. The alternative is online job hunting and video or online streaming interviews. It’s good that many job websites were already in place before the pandemic. 

Businesses are flooding these websites with job placements so that in-person, in many cases, never happens. Instead, the worker is hired over video chat, and they work from home. If there is any in-person, it can be the last step in the interview process.

Between all the stress of looking for a job and the lockdowns that keep people home, a job website is the only way to apply for jobs in the Philippines. In addition, many Filipinos use their phone since they can’t afford a tablet or computer. Using a phone makes applying for jobs tough since the phone screen is usually small.


Most small businesses in the Philippines are not aware of online job websites, and even larger companies have never used these websites to post a job. Finding and posting jobs on a job website is frustrating and time-consuming for them, but they don’t have a choice. 

Companies either learn to use the job websites or don’t hire any new employees. However, since several workers have left the workforce, they need to modernize their hiring process to replace them. Also, companies need to set up work from home for as many employees as possible, which has put a strain on IT departments. 

Job Websites


I recommend downloading and using their app. I’ve also signed up for job email notifications. When clicking on jobs you’re interested in, the email listing will open up the app automatically.

After adding your profile and resume, you can search for jobs on their website using their robust search engine. You can search for any type of job using several categories to narrow your search.

Add your salary to filter out low-paying jobs, which are common in the Philippines. Then, when reviewing jobs, the listing will let you know the job is below the expected salary.


Linkedin is a popular social networking website catering to professionals. Create a profile and add all your job, education, and reviews to your profile. You can print a CV or resume from this information. 

You can also turn on the option of looking for a job so recruiters can easily find you. Signing up for job emails is also easy. Just do a job search and check the box to get email alerts.

The messaging system allows communication with recruiters, contacts, and companies. The messages are saved so you can review the communication at any time. 


This popular job website allows the job seeker to make a profile and add information like a resume. The user’s homepage will list recommended jobs, communication from companies, and how many views. 

The app is easy to use and collects your job information. Search thousands of job listings using an easy-to-use search engine. One-click apply makes it easy to apply for jobs instead of being routed to a company website where you fill out all your information again.

Online Jobs lists several online jobs. These jobs allow you to work from home. Anyone stuck in Manila traffic for hours can understand why this website is so popular.

The website uses a rating system that allows job seekers and companies to prove they are trustworthy. 

The job site allows the user to make a profile and add job experience. The robust search engine offers several options for job searching.


Upwork is a freelance job website. Fill out your profile and set your salary. Upon review, the website will send you an email that your profile is live.

Employers will contact you directly to negotiate a salary and understand your limits. Popular freelance jobs are website developer and resume writer. Finish contracts and become more popular, so employers contact you with freelance job offers.


Keep your CV and resume up to date.

Read the company website before you interview.

Speak directly with the interviewer if you have any questions. 

Follow up in a few days after your interview to thank your interviewer. 

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