Philippines Metro Manila lockdown

There has been a spike of Covid around the Manila area, so the government has issued a lockdown starting tomorrow. The lockdown will affect 24 million people and has caused a weekend run on supermarkets. Read about the lockdown order here

Work From Home

Everyone will need to work from home unless they are essential workers. Most essential workers are medical staff, utility workers, and first responders like police and fire.  

Public Transportation

All public transportation is discontinued until the lockdown is over. This order will add a layer of protection to an increasing Covid disaster.

Supermarket Chaos?

I didn’t find any chaos here in the Philippines, where everyone must sign in before going into the store. Controlled lines are standard, and a guard is always watching. 

Shelves were fully stocked when I entered the supermarket on Sunday evening. It seems like a typical day except for the long entry lines. I’m sure the supermarket owners anticipated the demand and adjusted as needed.

The adjustment is working better than what I have seen in the US, where shelves are usually completely clear.

Weekly Progression

As the week progresses and demand plummets, the supermarket will adjust the stock to meet the demand because people stay home. If people run out of supplies, they will still go to the supermarket to pick up some items. 

People will use their mode of transportation or go with friends. Since the Covid rate is low in my area, I don’t see this adding to the spike. 


It’s going to be 97 F all week, so I’m stocking up on Gatorade. I don’t want another hospital visit. Please read about my hospital visit here. 

I’m also adding some Rocky Road ice cream to the shopping cart, just in case. 


The lockdown will last until April 4th but could be extended if the curve is not lowered. Easter holiday is popular in the Philippines, so the lockdown may not affect the growing Covid cases.

Time will tell, but from what I’ve learned from staying in the Philippines, people here don’t want to break from tradition. Hopefully, the issue will resolve itself with the drop in stranger contact, but the lockdown could last several weeks.

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