Point2points Travel Pillow Review

This is a product review of Point2points Travel Pillow on the travelandjapan.com website. Company Product Overview Point2points Travel Pillow provides several different support positions. Can be used for resting, naps, watching TV, and traveling. Is useful for a neck pillow, lower back support, or footrest. Easy to remove the outer cover for machine washing. Snap-button … Read more

How to move to Japan – Complete guide

Japan has intentionally made it difficult to move to the land of the rising sun but things are getting better. Japan’s shrinking population is a big problem for Industry and to combat the problem the Japanese government is slowly changing the laws to allow more foreigners to live in Japan for a short time, usually … Read more

Living in Japan – Work scams in Japan

Work scams in Japan are still going strong even though the Japanese government is trying to crackdown. The companies know all the loopholes or take advantage of people who want to stay in the country no matter what they have to do. Let’s explore some of these dishonest business practices. Work part-time and go to … Read more

Romoss Sense 8P+ 30000 mAh review – Power bank

This is a product review of Romoss Sense 8P+ on the travelandjapan.com website. Company Product Overview Romoss Sense 8P+ is a power bank that stores 30,000 mAh and has fast charge capabilities. The power bank is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Nexus, Nintendo Switch, and more. Main Features: LCD readout for charge level. Multiple ports … Read more

Living in Japan – Learn Japanese Culture

Day-to-day living in Japan can be a bit overwhelming at times but if a foreigner will learn Japanese culture their life becomes much easier. While many Japanese will give you a pass because you’re a visiting foreigner the same can’t be said if you live in their neighborhood. So what makes a difference you ask, … Read more

JapanWifiBuddy Review – Wi-Fi in Japan

This is a product review of JapanWiFiBuddy on the travelandjapan.com website. JapanWiFiBuddy is a mobile WiFi company based in Japan. They offer pocket WiFi and WiFi sim cards to people visiting or living in Japan. I wanted to review the company before listing them on my travelandjapan.com website. I want to be sure that JapanWifiBuddy … Read more

Travelinsurance.com review – Is travel insurance right for you?

This is a product review of Travelinsurance.com on the travelandjapan.com website. Travel Insurance is a price comparison company specializing in travel insurance. The company works with top insurance companies that provide travel insurance. The company does not provide insurance. Before recommending this company to my readers I wanted to do a review on the company … Read more