Ramen verses Yakisoba – Instant

If you haven’t lived in Japan, you probably don’t know the difference between ramen and yakisoba. When I return home to the United States, I correct my friends and family because they call everything ramen. I also tell them that the ramen and yakisoba in America and many other countries taste nothing like authentic Japanese … Read more

Kamichiba Sunahara Park

Kamichiba Sunahara Park is located at 1-27-1 Nishikameari, Katsushika-Ku, Tokyo 124-0002. The park is open 24/7, but events are not available after posted times. This park is made for children and has a lot of options for them. Parents visit the park with their children daily. Flowers Japan has a large variety of flowers that … Read more

Job Websites for the Philippines

Covid-19 has all but stopped in-person interviews and job hunting. The alternative is online job hunting and video or online streaming interviews. It’s good that many job websites were already in place before the pandemic.  Businesses are flooding these websites with job placements so that in-person, in many cases, never happens. Instead, the worker is … Read more

Philippines Marriage Visa – 13a

So you’re lucky enough to wed a Filipino. What’s next? If you intend to stay in the Philippines, you’ll want to get a 13a marriage visa. A 13a visa not only gives you permanent residents, but you’re also exempt from work visas.  A 13a permanent visa never needs renewal. That’s why immigration calls it permanent. … Read more

Philippines Work Visa

There are several types of work visas in the Philippines. Usually, a person gets hired by a company, and the company helps the employee process the work visa.  It’s challenging to get a job as a foreigner in the Philippines, and some would say downright impossible. Your skill set needs to be so different that … Read more

Philippines 10 Day Vacation

My first visit to the Philippines was a 10-day vacation. It’s incredible how much history is in the Manila area alone. Museums, Jeeps, Tricycles, Kalesa’s (horse carriage), Mall’s, Spanish Forts, and cathedrals. Oh, and a volcano. There were a few drawbacks, including the pollution, overcrowding, noise, and traffic, but I had a great time overall. … Read more

Trip.com Review – Customers’ interest is our top priority?

Trip.com is an online international travel agency. With headquarters in Singapore, Trip.com helps over 400 million users worldwide. It’s safe to say that the company is doing something right because the numbers are impressive. That’s why I’m doing a Trip.com review. The company provides its users with a website and app that provides booking services. … Read more